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About Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dance classes are now hugely popular due to Bollywood Film Industry, so let’s find out a little more…

‘Bollywood Dance’ originates from the vibrant film city of Mumbai (also referred to as Bombay, India).

It is a unique, highly energetic, and cultural dance form that combines several dance styles including (but not limited to): Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Street Dance, Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Salsa.

Bollywood films almost always involve music and dance. Bollywood dance has therefore become an integral component of every Bollywood movie. Songs often become an extension of the storyline, so the hallmark of Bollywood choreography is the way in which it explains the lyrics of the song through movement.

Another key feature of Bollywood choreography is the use of intricate hand gestures, varied footwork and facial expressions.

Bollywood or Bhangra?

Bhangra is a folk/cultural dance style originating from the North of India (Punjab). Farmers used to use Bhangra Dance as a form of celebration to acknowledge a good harvest. A signature feature of Bhangra music is the use of the Dhol (Indian drum) beat.

In the present day, the Bhangra dance style is popular not only within Bollywood movies, but also finds its way to dance floors across the globe.

Where to find Bollywood Dance Classes in London

Nileeka’s Bollywood Dance Classes are offered in two main Central London locations: Pineapple Covent Garden (Tuesday evenings) and Danceworks (Thursday evenings). These classes are delivered on a walk-in basis, and you do not need to pre-book. Each class costs £11.

Nileeka also offers 5-week Courses to learn dance styles in more depth.

  • Semi-Classical Indian Dance: covers the foundations of Bollywood dance by looking at how Classical Indian Dance is received in modern movies.
  • BhangraCardio: takes a closer look at the signature moves of the Bhangra dance form. Delivered in a ‘workout’ format, this class offers the benefits of both dance and fitness combined.
  • Courses take place on Monday evenings in Baker Street and Aldwych.
  • Courses run in 5-week cycles throughout the year, and must be pre-booked as spaces are limited.

Click on the Class Timetable for further information on days, times, locations and booking.

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